"You poor fool. With the power I possess, you don't stand a chance against me! "You're going to die just like this planet! It'll be your grave! But I'll give you a decent burial at least. After all, you're a Saiyan." This is a RP Blog for Turles in the Dragonball Z series. (Own none of pictures or gifs.)
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fruitofmightuser asked : "Hey Green bean, When did you turned into a munchkin of a blueberry?" Making fun of Cell Jr, Thinking it was Cell himself.


I’m not Cell,you dummy.

And I’m not a blueberry.

"Mind to give me a clue? Cause I bet you don’t want me to go through a series of insults figuring out who the hell you are."

— M!A


"That’s lazy. First the whole thing with the fruit and now you’re using that. Why not just train?" Goku sighed, he could see no point in trying with the saiyan. Heck, it was possible that if he gave Turles what he wanted he’d try harming the Earth again, and that’s the last thing he wanted. "Who knows, you may even become a Super Saiyan yourself!"



Licking the juices from the fruit. “Like you said, Lazy maybe why I’m lacking the energy to train, Who knows GOKU If you still use that earthly name, I prefer to take in the sights more than Train. So many interest things bound to catch my eye but I do get my training in I guarantee you that.”

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the-alternate-universe asked : She flew up to him and kissed his cheek and winked to him





"If this was a Saiyan thing, I would of known…" Looking up figuring out why she kissed his face let alone a wink. "I’ve been too soft lately…"

"Maybe its because you were the first who didn’t piss himself at the thought of my Father not liking them." She grins.

"Why would I care about your old man’s feelings? Your saying other Saiyans who you liked besides me have different thoughts?" Folding his arms as this was a pleasant conversation.

She shrugged ” You don’t try to mate with the Princess without consequences.” She stated

"Oh that’s what your old geezer man is worried about? Heh. How comical."

vixenthesaiyan-deactivated20140 asked : "Be more careful next time."




Thanks to Vixen, Turles evaded that blast as it was large radius was blooming. “I knew you cared about me.” Laughing as Turles tossed a fruit at her to catch. “Care to have lunch with me?” As he shot off a finger beam at the human with a large weapon that had made that attack.

Getting up starting to walk away from her once again after they’re talk. “Looks like they have a good leader, Shouldn’t you be watching them too?” His thoughts about Vixen were eh. Swinging back and forth to likeable to not likeable. For a saiyan, She’s alright. Finger beaming down some trees to get out of her forest as he didn’t want to invade on her land any longer unless if he was gonna take it for his own but didn’t want to.

She shakes her head. “One’s older than me, and the other should be..” Her tail bristles when he blasts down the trees and starts to walk away. “Can you not just walk THROUGH the trees? If not, you’re gonna replant every single one of them, whether you like it or not.”

"Then stop me if your so worrying about your new planet shitty trees." Turned to look behind him at her. "I’m waiting, You care about humans silly trees and sooner than later, Your gonna love all of them up. Your luckily our race is about extinct or you would of been shunned."

the-violet-android asked : "You've been a bad boy."



Gasping from the force the android pinned Turles as an instinct his has was on her hips blushing madly while scratching the back of his armor on the bricks of a wall itself. “What are you doing!?” Not noticing his hands on her as he barely ever touches Marcia. I know I been bad but why do I need a reminder?


Marcia wasn’t sure why she did it, perhaps she had wanted to see how he’d react to flirtatious advances. She felt him grasp her hips, while he spluttered out in surprise, her own hands pressed against his armored chest with a coy smile on her red lips. Though it diminished slightly at his words, and she rolled her eyes. “It’s called flirting. You know, as in I’m trying to come onto you and invoke a mutual reaction?” Her hands slid down his armor with a pout as she looked down. “I guess you didn’t like that.”

"Flirting… I hear that before figured it was something else than a type of gesture." Pushing himself with a thud, More of his chest going forward to Marcia’s own. "But what if this is something more than mutual reaction, Like a bond or something?" Starting off before smiling hugging as her hands went down. "Hey, This makes a good cover too." Shooting ki blasts at whoever was around walking. "See?" Spitting that single word out as he quickly turned around pinning her to the wall, Taking the momentum of her wrists back by his hands. "How did you know you can find me here?" Wasn’t my power low from her to detect?

fruitofmightuser asked : 'You belong to ME'




"Is that so? " She raised an eyebrow "I’m part God what the hell are you?"

"Snapping his fingers allowing his goons to do his dirty work. "I can without even touching you…"
She sneered and started to fight them off as best she could.
"Go on guys, Give her the advantage to break free, I would like to watch this." Laying back as if Turles was taking liking to this kind of life and death situation for her.